2022 5th International Conference on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ICPECE 2022)

Prof. Yuanchang Zhong


Doctoral supervisor, School of electrical engineering, Chongqing University, He has successively served as the deputy director of the "basic teaching and experiment center of electrical and electronic technology of Chongqing University", the deputy director of the Institute of space electronic information technology of Chongqing University, the keynote professor of the National Electrical and electronic technology teaching team of Chongqing University, and the "vehicle measurement and control and remote sensing information transmission" of the national key discipline construction base of "211 Project" The national "985 Project" scientific and technological innovation platform, the "multi-objective measurement and control and high-precision measurement and control research center" of Chongqing University, and the backbone experts of academician Yang Shizhong team (communication and measurement and control center) of Chongqing University. He is now a key expert in the school of electrical engineering of Chongqing University / State Key Laboratory of "transmission and distribution equipment and system safety and new technology", and deputy general manager of space solar power station base of Chongqing University in Bishan of Chongqing. Vice chairman of the air platform working group of China emergency communication industry alliance, vice chairman of Chongqing Industrial Internet industry technology innovation strategic alliance, member of the public safety standard committee of China emergency society, expert member of Chongqing Internet of things Association, education informatization expert of Chongqing Education Commission, and Editorial Committee of telecommunications technology.

Speech Title: Research on the Regulating Method of Electric Gas Pressure Regulator and Its Remote Monitoring and Controlling System

Abstract: To regulate natural gas pressure is the crucial part of urban gas transmission and distribution system. With the further expansion of the urban scale in our country, the demand for city gas increases sharply, as a result, the traditional technology of gas pressure regulating fails to meet the application requirements. At the same time, our country is adjusting the energy structure, and developing low-carbon economy etc., which brings new opportunities and challenges for the development of gas pressure regulating technology. Adopting self-operated mechanical pressure adjustment, the traditional gas pressure regulator has such problems as mechanical fatigue and abrasion, which leads to the low precision and poor stability. Therefore, it becomes the hot issue of research in this field that how to improve the gas pressure regulator’s performance and enhance the management and maintenance efficiency, to achieve the efficient use of natural gas. On the basis of full study of the existing gas pressure regulating technology and control theory, adopting the building-type gas regulator with the largest demand as research object, this paper puts forward a kind of      RBF-PID compound control algorithm based on the improved particle swarm optimization algorithm, and designs the electric gas regulating device and its remote monitoring and controlling system. The whole system is composed of the electric pressure regulator terminal and the remote monitoring and controlling center platform, which in order to achieve the automation and network of gas regulator system. The research work, in this paper, is expected to improve the gas pressure regulator's accuracy, safety, and supervision efficiency, and provide technical support for the promotion of automation and networking of gas pressure regulating equipment.