2022 5th International Conference on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ICPECE 2022)

Prof. Yinquan Yu


Dr. Yinquan Yu, Distinguished Professor, Deputy Director of the Key Laboratory of vehicle and equipment, Ministry of education, East China Jiaotong University (ECJTU), Director of intelligent transportation and power control center, Director of precision machining and intelligent equipment manufacturing Institute. Prof. Yu was awarded as a foreign high-end expert talent by the Ministry of Technology of China in 2020 and the   long-term project of innovative leading talents of the "double thousand plan" of Jiangxi Province in 2019. Before he joined ECJTU in 2019, he had worked as a Scientist in the Singapore Science and Technology Research Council (Astar) for ten years. He is the Fellow of SAS, Senior member of IEEE, Senior member of Singapore Engineering Society, Executive director of IEEE PES carbon peak, carbon neutral, Director of IEEE PES China low voltage DC Committee. Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Third International Symposium on power electronics and control engineering (ISPECE2020). Chairman of the local committee of the second IEEE International Conference on big data artificial intelligence and Internet of things engineering, and the Conference Chair of ISPECE 2021 and STEP 2021. International Outstanding contribution award of the 2021 scientific and Technological Innovation exchange conference, etc. Prof. Yu is the guest editor of wireless sensors and artificial intelligence in networks intelligent manufacturing on the special issue of International Journal of Distributed Sensor. Dr. Yu is one of major project evaluation expert of the National Natural Science Foundation council (NSFC) and evaluation expert of key projects in Jiangxi Province too.

Speech Title: Advantages of permanent magnet synchronous traction motors for high-speed EMUs and challenges of intelligent operation and maintenance

Abstract: High-power permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) as the next generation of green energy-saving high-speed EMU traction motor, if it is not designed or operated properly, there will be serious potential demagnetization lead to damage IGBT. To tackle the big challenges of unclear faulty mechanism, difficult acquisition of direct loss-of-excitation signals, serious attenuation of related indirect electric signals and vibration signals under high-speed and heavy-load operation conditions, low signal-to-noise ratio and easy missed diagnosis of permanent magnet synchronous traction motor of high-speed EMU, this topic includes using multi-type sensor information fusion and artificial intelligent technologies to conduct online healthy monitoring and to reveal faulty mechanism of high-speed EMU traction.