2022 5th International Conference on Power Electronics and Control Engineering (ICPECE 2022)

Prof. Chengzhi Su


Chengzhi Su, College of Artificial Intelligence, Changchun University of Science and Technology, Professor, Director, international IEEE member. Executive Director of Jilin Robot Society, Chairman of Procedure Committee of the 12th IEEE International Conference on CYBER Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent Systems. Focusing on research of the perception and decision of intelligent robots, the intelligent coating robot system for aviation components, the unmanned process optimization technology for robot spraying, the automobile intelligent spraying robot, the control theory of laser beam simultaneous alignment with double PSD for robot absolute positioning accuracy calibration, the coordinate homomorphic decoupling theory of non-rectangular measurement system for complex parts reverse modeling, and the zero position deviation calibration of industrial robot joints are studied. And having won the national defense weapon science and technology progress first prize, Jilin province science and technology progress third prize three. The intelligent robot R & D team was established, which undertook the national and provincial-level projects 20 items, published 50 articles, and authorized patents 20 items.

Speech Title: Research on Key Technology and Application of Robot Autonomous Intelligent Spraying

Abstract:In order to meet the demands of multi-varieties and variable batch spraying in aerospace and other fields, the United States Advanced Robot Manufacturing Innovation Agency announced in 2021 that the Mobile Autonomous Coating System for Aircraft Maintenance is one of the important trends of American defense manufacturing technology. With the proposal of China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025, the key technologies of robot autonomous intelligent spraying such as autonomously planning spraying trajectory based on 3D vision and autonomously constructing the object model to be sprayed have become the research hotspot of robot application. Our team is focusing on the problem of autonomous and intelligent robot spraying and carried out a series of key technologies such as precision compensation of spraying robot system, autonomous perception of unknown objects, point cloud reconstruction of multi-view objects, autonomous planning of spraying trajectory, motion optimization of spraying system, adaptive tuning of multi-process parameters of paint, construction of spraying robot environment and walking device of spraying robot. The autonomous and intelligent spraying robot system was successfully developed. The system uses industrial manipulators to accurately spray aerospace components without reprogramming, teaching or equipping high-cost fixtures, and the first pass rate was increased by 50 %. The system can obtain higher precision spraying effect than professional spraying personnel. It is suitable for multi-varieties and variable batch spraying. It has attracted high attention from AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry, Jilin Aircraft Maintenance Factory and Jigang Automobile Maintenance Factory.